Back to work on Monday

For those who are wondering, I have been hard at work on some personal projects and doing some corporate shoots.

I read this great quote yesterday that i thought I would share:

A photographer takes what he sees, a photo documentor tells what he sees and an artist makes you see what you didn’t see before. 

What do you think the differences between a photojournalist, a photographer and an artist is?

Add yourselves to my projects page Johannesburg LIVE for more of my fine arts photography

Urban Jungles –

All in a days work – photoshoot

Old Parks


2 thoughts on “Back to work on Monday

    • jaycaboz says:

      Thanks Arul. Image 1: are these urban areas in India heavily developed, is it a common thing to have abandoned plots? The photo was taken among a sprawl of upper class flats in an area between Hyde Park and Rosebank in JHB. I think a lot of these abandoned spaces are ‘growing’ because of lowered property prices since the economic crash.

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