Jay’s photos of the week, July Week 1

Now that we are back at varsity I am in full swing again.

A lot has been happening around campus.

Firstly we have had the lecturers strike, teachers and staff members from the University of the Witwatersrand have been demanding a 9% wage increase in their annual salaries. This was after the university and unions met a deadlock in wage negotiations.

Follow the link to my article here

In other news, The Wits Men have had a successful run of wins since entering the Universities Sports of South Africa tournament. They won gold in the B section, which earned them promotion into the A section of the tournament and places them within the top 8 universities in the country. I went and photographed their latest game on the weekend where they drilled Jeppe B 8-1

According to the Johannesburg Planetarium: Venus (the very bright “morning star” in a line-up with Jupiter (above left of Venus) and Aldebaran, eye of Taurus (below right) was visible in the early mornings last week.

My entire family was all together last Saturday and I took a rare moment of us all watching TV. It doesnt happen often anymore, since we are all busy doing other things. One thing i always find myself saying is “oh there will be another time for that shot” but i have come to realise that moment in life are rare and you have to take them when they happen, they might not happen again. I challenge all the people who read this blog to come up with an unposed family portrait for the week.

Finally I have posted another set for the series of suburban jungles, as well as some of the photographs I took during class.


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