Begining to reconnect the prisoner to their family with NICRO

Today I visited NICRO’s Ivan Evans, a social worker and area manager for the Soweto branch.

The interview went well and he was able to elaborate on a number of core issues that social workers face when dealing with re-integration into society.

Unfortunately I have not been able to transcribe the interview yet but I can give the jist of what was discussed.

1. NICRO believes that at all costs preventing people from going to jail increases the success of re-integration back into society.
2. Former prisoners are faced with incredible challenges when it comes to resolving their past wrongs. Most of the re-integration cases are family members
3. NICRO is currently helping about 400-600 people a year. But is filled with twice the capacity that it should be able to deal with.

NICRO is a Non-Profit Organization that relies on the support of independent donors and the Department of Social Workers for funding.

Ivan elaborated on some of the stories he experienced as a Social Worker and has an interesting take on the relevance of re-integration programmes.

He has also indicated two more people I should contact. But I cannot reveal their names yet…it’s a secret!

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