Why is it when you do video there is always a problem?

So it’s come to my attention that my video uploads don’t work on my computer. In fact the format does not even download from the Canon 500d. My solution has been to find another computer in the meantime, I think it could be a problem with XP.

In any case, after a very bust two days a I have managed to see some very interesting things.

As i mentioned in my last post, my first interview was with NICRO’s Ivan Evans, all completely meant to be in video format. He provided some valuable information on how NGOs operate within the Correctional Service system as well as gave some of his own personal reasons for doing what he does. Hopefully I will be able to transcribe this information soon. It provides some good general background for my piece, including confirmation on the statistics of recidivism prisoners (prisoners that end up in prison on more than one occasion) was still in a bad a situation as 84 -95%.

The way he outlined it, it is a rare case that prisoners are able to return to a form of normal life when they leave, unless they have gone through a re-integration programme. The system is vital to helping these men and women, yet they [NICRO and Other NGOs] are under server strain with budget cuts and under staffing being core problematic areas. There are only 5 social workers who have to deal with over 22 prisoners each. Almost double the amount they should be addressing.

This Evans argues leads to insufficient personal attention, which once again strains the chances of prisoner recidivism.

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