Thinking about the In Depth website

I found the following very interesting considering we have to develop a website next week.

So much of this is applicable for my own site, which is in need of some serious revamping. sorry coffecup (I designed my own site using their software, it was a good experience learning how to design a page but I am not nearly accomplished enough to do it justice) but it just don’t look proffessional enough. At least everything loads quickly though

a screen grab of my website, which is looking a bit shoddy at the moment

For my #vuvuindepth project I will need to consider these pointers from Digital, especially considering that I want to produce a photographic presence. I have just taken out some of the main points. there is a whole lot more information available on the page that you’ll find interesting.

“Nine tips to help new photographers create a professional online presence

By William Sawalich

1. First off, make sure you have a web site. I know photographers who manage to somehow stay in business without any web presence at all. These folks are fighting an uphill battle, and Cavroc says not only is a web site essential today, it’s only going to become more important as we live more and more of our lives online.

2. Forget the bells and whistles. The best sites load quickly and communicate clearly—and they are indexable by search engines to improve customers’ ability to find you. That means the once-popular Flash-based web site is no longer the photographer’s best friend.

3. Develop a message. Some photographers err on the side of too many photographs, while others don’t have enough in their online portfolio.

4. While social media outlets such as Flickr and 500px are great, they’re no substitute for a truly personal web site and portfolio—which you can order ready-made and fully customizable from many vendors online.

5. Photographers are visual creatures, but sometimes we can get caught up in overly minimalist designs, or clever elements that actually interfere with the user experience. So when in doubt, make your site easy, uncluttered and clear.

6. Don’t use music. Not only is it often a copyright violation, it’s just a bad karma.

7. Do your homework. Google Analytics makes it possible to know almost everything about who visits your site, how they get there, and how long they stay.

8. Blog about it. Whatever it may be about, blogging helps build a robust presence online—which is something search engines and searchers alike are really fond of.

9. Today’s professionals understand that they need a robust online presence that includes a web site and many other footprints via social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Google+… They’re all valuable ways of growing your web brand and reaching out to paying customers.”

Additional Links

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