Word limits are for lame people

After having spent countless hours prepping, many minutes interviewing and so many photos taken I have finally sent off my first draft for reading.

One of the toughest difficulties I encountered was the fact that I had so much information. We are supposed to have a limit of 2 000 words for our essay, but I have enough information for two essays.

Both Happy Piri and Richard Ngoma have intriguing stories to tell that go beyond the word limit, and I am stuck between wanting to tell their stories or else dropping one and then focusing on just one person. In this case it would be Ngoma, since his story has not been so extensively covered by my fellow peers.

In the interim I think this is going to be a great opportunity to make use of the multimedia platform segment of the project to get even more information across.

The question is how?

To quote I would like to use the sage advice from our main woman in charge Jo-Anne Richards

“Please be aware that a few images scattered through your text piece do not constitute a multi-media piece for this project. You are welcome, in fact encouraged, to break up large blocks of text with images or maps. However, your multi-media piece must stand separate and form a substantial second leg to your project.

It can complement the subject of your text piece or, if this is difficult, it can cover different ground. But it must be a stand-alone piece.”

So this has got me thinking, how do text and visuals relate to one another? Are they seen differently online than they are on paper?

I think yes. Look at the format of Facebook. It incorporates visuals along with text in a very different way. You have your timeline profile page, with a giant panpramic crop at the top of your screen, followed by a series of your comments, thread and in big format your images. Whether its that photo of that cat you liked that had some random funny poem on it, or if it’s a family portrait. They stand out and the text filters in around it.

I am not going to deny it. This section of the project is far more appealing to me than the writing of the essay. It’s probably because I am a visual learner. I don’t imagine things in text, but with details and imagery I can relate.

So how do I incorporate this into my project?

Well first off I took a look at some other top websites that make use of experiemental formatiing:

http://www.griplimited.com/ (click and drag across the page!)

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