A tale of two days

I spent a good part of this morning and last night working on the 3rd draft of my essay. It’s been an intensive couple of hours.

With some good advice from Ruth Hopkins and Fred de Vries I spent most of that working on improving my introduction.

Initially when I started my introduction I was captivated by a story Richard Ngoma told me. The story revolved around a day when Ngoma met the same people who sentenced him to prison almost 11 years ago.

When I was interviewing him his story seemed so strong come from his mouth. The emotion and hardships he experienced was so evident when it was coming from his mouth. Because of this I strongly felt this would make a good introduction for the piece. The story reflected, all in one, the difficulties one has to face being a prisoner in the outside world.

Because of the feeling and emotion during the interview I thought the best way to portray this would be to put the introduction in a narrative format. This however ended up being confusing and hard to follow. There was simply too much to follow.

Ruth and Fred suggested I try play with it some more and I went for a more basic introduction that filled in some of the missing gaps. Along with improving my explanation and finding more focus throughout the essay. This I am hoping has put me on the right track.

In the meantime my days productivity was disrupted after going to Wits. The computers there have been under some real strain and are pretty full. There was not enough space on them to edit my videos, which was quite a pain.

The trip cost me an hour and 30 minutes worth of valuable editing time I could have easily done at my house.

As if things didn’t need to get worse my USB crashed at 19h00 and completely fried my entire afternoon’s worth of work, which included this blog, the beginnings of my self-reflection essay and my editing.

Luckily I was able to recover my essay draft because I had sent it in early to Fred and Ruth. A good lesson for all those people leaving things for the last minute, DONT, send the stuff through as soon as you can and make sure you have multiple copies of everything you do. I lost only 5 hours of work, but it could have been my entire project.


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