Looking beyond the picture to find issues with land – Jay Caboz Projects

Having completed my honours programme in Journalism at the University of the Witwatersrand I have finally been able to return to the streets and continue doing what I love; exploring and photographing.

Since the beginning of the year I started with this idea of exploring Johannesburg’s Suburban Jungles. This was after I noticed abandoned plot of land among all these up-market, high end developed properties. I remember very clearly jumping the fence and feeling like I had been transported to another world.

Johannesburg is the largest man made forest in the world, with a greater density of foreign trees than anywhere else in the world. But living in this complicated city it is easy to forget that the environment it is one of the most important and unique characters of the city. People go about their lives and with of the passage of time spaces become forgotten. Nature comes back to reclaim the forgotten spaces and then is cut down again when humans want to move back into it. In Johannesburg one is able to see how there is a constant fight between how humans and nature interact with each other

more of the story…follow the link here to Jay Caboz Projects


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