Jay Caboz is back in business here is his first shoot of the year – Ryan and Briggitte’s Engagement Party

So you’re thinking “wow these photo’s are really nice?”

Ryan and Brigitte thought so too. So if you’re living in Johannesburg and want to try something fun and different drop Jay an email on jaycaboz@gmail.com (or fill out this easy e-form below) and have your own memorable moments captured and printed. It’s the perfect gift to give someone for a present.

Ryan Dixon "They look amazing! Thanks so much we were very impressed." - Want yours captured contact Jay Caboz on jaycaboz@gmail.com

Ryan and Brigitte’s Engagement Party – Want yours captured contact Jay Caboz on jaycaboz@gmail.com

Congratulations to the happy couple Ryan and Brigitte on their Engagement once again.

Photographs were blogged with permission from the couple.

Greetings from the bottom of Aus…well almost


Arrrgghhh! I hate heights. I was too scared to try the extending glass door on top of Melbourne’s Eureka Tower. But these people weren’t

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Hello all from the middle of New Zealand and Aus!

Yes we have just reached another time zone and as of now are a full eleven hours ahead of you all back in South Africa.

It’s almost freakish to think that we’re a full day ahead now. Alas that’s one tough thing to think about when you are on a lazy cruise ship, it’s far too much effort.

You may have noticed by now that my emails are a little delayed. That’s s because I type them a day or two in advance so as to save time on  bandwidth on the ship. Internet is almost as expensive as the food. And today I threw  R200 trying unsuccessfully to email you and do my fantasy football side. It was so slow that I gave up in the end.

When I last emailed I talked about the Aus lifestyle and how boring and controlled Sydney was…well I stand corrected,  because compared to Melbourne Sydney is amazing. Maybe it was just that it was boxing day and the public holiday was cramping the mood? But the city was really asleep.

We decided not to spend 30 Aus Dollars each on tram tickets each and took a nice 5km walk from the harbour to the centre of town in the morning . Caryn and I then split up from the rest of the Trimm/Upton crew as they went off to tour the Aussie open tennis courts.

Instead, Caryn and I wandered around the town looking for a nice coffee shop which ended up being from the top of the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.  It was a great view and gave a whole panoramic of the cities profile and can’t wait to show my photos of them!

After that we ambled along back to our ship and totalled a decent 12km walk around town.

Today, being our first day onward to New Zealand and at sea,  we did as little as possible. We watched some T.V ate some food at the all-you-can-eat buffets and then read from the book.

The weather although partly cloudy and warm in sunlight has a wicked chill in the wind so no swimming for us or Sun tanning, not that I need it my lobster skin is still recovering. Tomorrow is looking like the weather will be the same so an extended gym session is on the cards.


Sailing along our Cruise Liner, a cargo ship is bound for the port of Melbourne.


Sunlight catches a lighthouse along our route to Melbourne.


The Celebrity Solstice from the front.


Melbourne is an enchanting destination. The formal elements within the city are in abundance, making photography clean and simple in an exciting location.


Along the Yarra River, Melbourne.


A sight to behold. Going up the Eureka Tower is a must to get a glimpse of the Melbourne skyline. A visitor is reflected on a glass panel looking over the city.


A couple take a fishing break under one of the bridges along the Yarra River, Melbourne.


Tram line system connecting Melbourne’s habour to the city. It runs a distance of 9km, which we decided to walk in the morning.

Why go to Australia?

The ferry comes past the famous Sydney Opera house

The ferry comes past the famous Sydney Opera house

It was our first real day in Sydney and after much debate we decided to hit the famous Manly Beach to see what the city has to offer in terms of a beach front.

Manly beach is the equivalent to Cape Town’s Clifton shores. The beach is lined with Million Dollar Houses that make the most of its pristine clear waters and high cliff’s.

Along the edge of the surf, there is a perfectly manicured walk way.  Ideal for those who like a scenic run in the morning or a bike ride in the late afternoon.

The Aussies have made extreme efforts to keep their beaches and city’s clean. And with Manly this is not an exception. Unlike SA an extensive recycling programme is efficiently run,  and it is a rare case to see a cigarette butt lying around let alone overflowing trash cans and plastic packets to line the sea water’s edge. It kind of hits you in the face that our beaches at home, although just as beautiful, can be so incredibly tarnished with rubbish. I can’t begin to imagine the impact this is having on SA wildlife.

Surfers gather on the rocks overlooking Sydney's Manly beach. Photomerge.

Surfers gather on the rocks overlooking Sydney’s Manly beach. Photomerge.

In addition, there is also the benefit of there being a warm sea to swim in too let me add so much more appealing than Clifton’s “too cool” temperatures.

There are however some things that just don’t compare with our African homeland. The first and most obvious of these is the fact that prices in Aus are outrageous. There is nothing that is decently priced. One should expect to pay around four times the price for drinks , R70 -more, as well as almost  R300 for the average meal. This is not the location for a budget vacation. The roos will suck your wallet dry on everything they can including charging R20 to rent a shopping trolley.

We are struggling to find the strength to resist such evil temptation and often a shout or deep shocked breathe will result once a simple Rand to Aus dollar conversion has been made. Alas some members of my crew seem able to overcome this powerful resistance and are drawn like moths to a flame to each and every dress store sale present.  (I shall not mention her name but you know her quite well.)

So far I have managed to pull myself out of having to share the…experience.

I can see why people want to come live here. They mood is generally jovial and one can expect the nightlife to start buzzing from about 10am (yes I mean that Aussies start drinking early). In the peak of summer the sun sets at around 8pm. There is a fantastic array of city lights and small cafes spring up like coral reefs under the skyscrapers during the day.

Yet I still feel incredibly out of place here. Here. There is nothing like the open friendly interest as with my journeys through Spain, but rather it’s like talking to a succubus politely chatting to its food while it’s in the cooking pot. There is just something that is too artificial about Sydney. Everything is too perfect. Everything is too clean. Under the surface there is nothing that would draw me back here. There is no raw South African flavour. Everything is under tight management and its reflected in a culture that has gotten used to being told to beware of strong currents ( Manly beach was closed due to strong currents that day, there was  even a loud speaker that would shout at people on the beach to get out of the water) or follow the pathways.

Where is the adventure I ask? Where can I go to find a place that has been unexplored that doesn’t have over the top security signage? My arty spirit feels like wanting to challenge the rules and regulations of Sydney’s lifestyle rather than become a part of it.

I guess in the end its better being South African in Aus. It’s much more fun seeing this outside lifestyle than trying to be part of it.

Thanks for all the news!  Keep us up to date.Looking forward to the T.V.!


The water dragon, a protected species of Lizard found along the coastlines of Australia.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge.


A mother and child walk down the steps leading toward the Sydney Opera House.


More photos from Manly beach, here a man was sleeping on the concrete wall.


A tidal pool along the pathway leading from Manly beach


Picnic benches surrounded by sand screens. Something you would never see in South Africa.


The backstreets of Sydney, near the Holiday Inn Hotel.


Rail lines and roads, the mechanisms that run Sydney’s transport system.


Light creeps through the overpass of a highway system, near the Sydney Fish Market.


Ports at the Sydney Fish Market



I loved the sky bridge which created a fun way to frame the Sydney Botanic Gardens in the distance.


Reflections of buildings along the Sydney CBD.


Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. They are sandstone steps that overlook the Sydney harbor.


A wedding procession walks along the Botanic Gardens path in Sydney. The area seems to be a popular location for weddings, we saw three sets of them in just one day.


What to expect at the Great Barrier Reef? – Jay Caboz

IMG_4068 IMG_5566Hey mom dad and all,

We landed in Sydney after an eleven hour flight and took our immediate connection to the South Eastern city of Cairns, AKA diving central of the Great Barrier Reef.  We’re intending to catch a small plane over the reef and then set sail aboard a Live-Aboard tomorrow to begin our scuba diving part of the trip.

Immediately you can notice how clean and well kept Australia is. There is no litter anywhere, the robots (called traffic lights here) work and there is not one single hawker trying to sell you something. We heard Aus was a nanny state but the control here seems a little ridiculous.

IMG_3901 IMG_3861 IMG_3700

So by now I’m sure you’re wondering how awesome our Great Barrier Reef cruise was? … Well why yes the Great Barrier Reef was amazing.

The small plane flight over gave us a brief glimpse of the 3000km reef line and it’s only from when you up above it, in the air, that you realise how incredibly large it is.

We were aboard the Spoilsport; a crew run by the famous Mike Ball Diving. The ship was pretty small with three levels to which included a whole deck right next to the water, so that you literally can get your gear on and then jump into the water.

IMG_5651 IMG_5734


IMG_5726 IMG_5696 IMG_5412 IMG_5735

According to the crew we had very unseasonable weather, which meant crystal clear sky and perfect diving conditions; the water was on average about 27º c.

Sights to see included small sharks, a manta ray, dolphins, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, great food.

It seems like the Jay and Caryn weather luck is still holding strong, as it should have been raining with choppy water. Thankfully this was not the case and I did not suffer from my dreaded sea sickness.

There was one problem with Terrence though which caused major scares. He was diving one morning and came up with a headache and some chest pains. For divers those are not good signs, usually a sign of Decompression sickness. In fact they can be really bad. So the captain turned the ship around and we headed back to the closest piece of land we could find.

Turned out that all he had heartburn. But he still had to leave the boat and fly back to Cairns to be cleared.

Other than that prices are killing us. Food costs the same as the airport, and slippers can range in the 26 -35 aus dollars per meal. Don’t forget to add 8 for one drink.

We have just managed to find a place in Sydney that has free WiFi. Were sitting at the hard rock cafe about to eat dinner. There has been no cell phone connection since we left South Africa.

Hope all is going great! Battery is almost dead!










Love jay and c