What to expect at the Great Barrier Reef? – Jay Caboz

IMG_4068 IMG_5566Hey mom dad and all,

We landed in Sydney after an eleven hour flight and took our immediate connection to the South Eastern city of Cairns, AKA diving central of the Great Barrier Reef.  We’re intending to catch a small plane over the reef and then set sail aboard a Live-Aboard tomorrow to begin our scuba diving part of the trip.

Immediately you can notice how clean and well kept Australia is. There is no litter anywhere, the robots (called traffic lights here) work and there is not one single hawker trying to sell you something. We heard Aus was a nanny state but the control here seems a little ridiculous.

IMG_3901 IMG_3861 IMG_3700

So by now I’m sure you’re wondering how awesome our Great Barrier Reef cruise was? … Well why yes the Great Barrier Reef was amazing.

The small plane flight over gave us a brief glimpse of the 3000km reef line and it’s only from when you up above it, in the air, that you realise how incredibly large it is.

We were aboard the Spoilsport; a crew run by the famous Mike Ball Diving. The ship was pretty small with three levels to which included a whole deck right next to the water, so that you literally can get your gear on and then jump into the water.

IMG_5651 IMG_5734


IMG_5726 IMG_5696 IMG_5412 IMG_5735

According to the crew we had very unseasonable weather, which meant crystal clear sky and perfect diving conditions; the water was on average about 27º c.

Sights to see included small sharks, a manta ray, dolphins, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, great food.

It seems like the Jay and Caryn weather luck is still holding strong, as it should have been raining with choppy water. Thankfully this was not the case and I did not suffer from my dreaded sea sickness.

There was one problem with Terrence though which caused major scares. He was diving one morning and came up with a headache and some chest pains. For divers those are not good signs, usually a sign of Decompression sickness. In fact they can be really bad. So the captain turned the ship around and we headed back to the closest piece of land we could find.

Turned out that all he had heartburn. But he still had to leave the boat and fly back to Cairns to be cleared.

Other than that prices are killing us. Food costs the same as the airport, and slippers can range in the 26 -35 aus dollars per meal. Don’t forget to add 8 for one drink.

We have just managed to find a place in Sydney that has free WiFi. Were sitting at the hard rock cafe about to eat dinner. There has been no cell phone connection since we left South Africa.

Hope all is going great! Battery is almost dead!










Love jay and c


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