Greetings from the bottom of Aus…well almost


Arrrgghhh! I hate heights. I was too scared to try the extending glass door on top of Melbourne’s Eureka Tower. But these people weren’t

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Hello all from the middle of New Zealand and Aus!

Yes we have just reached another time zone and as of now are a full eleven hours ahead of you all back in South Africa.

It’s almost freakish to think that we’re a full day ahead now. Alas that’s one tough thing to think about when you are on a lazy cruise ship, it’s far too much effort.

You may have noticed by now that my emails are a little delayed. That’s s because I type them a day or two in advance so as to save time on  bandwidth on the ship. Internet is almost as expensive as the food. And today I threw  R200 trying unsuccessfully to email you and do my fantasy football side. It was so slow that I gave up in the end.

When I last emailed I talked about the Aus lifestyle and how boring and controlled Sydney was…well I stand corrected,  because compared to Melbourne Sydney is amazing. Maybe it was just that it was boxing day and the public holiday was cramping the mood? But the city was really asleep.

We decided not to spend 30 Aus Dollars each on tram tickets each and took a nice 5km walk from the harbour to the centre of town in the morning . Caryn and I then split up from the rest of the Trimm/Upton crew as they went off to tour the Aussie open tennis courts.

Instead, Caryn and I wandered around the town looking for a nice coffee shop which ended up being from the top of the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.  It was a great view and gave a whole panoramic of the cities profile and can’t wait to show my photos of them!

After that we ambled along back to our ship and totalled a decent 12km walk around town.

Today, being our first day onward to New Zealand and at sea,  we did as little as possible. We watched some T.V ate some food at the all-you-can-eat buffets and then read from the book.

The weather although partly cloudy and warm in sunlight has a wicked chill in the wind so no swimming for us or Sun tanning, not that I need it my lobster skin is still recovering. Tomorrow is looking like the weather will be the same so an extended gym session is on the cards.


Sailing along our Cruise Liner, a cargo ship is bound for the port of Melbourne.


Sunlight catches a lighthouse along our route to Melbourne.


The Celebrity Solstice from the front.


Melbourne is an enchanting destination. The formal elements within the city are in abundance, making photography clean and simple in an exciting location.


Along the Yarra River, Melbourne.


A sight to behold. Going up the Eureka Tower is a must to get a glimpse of the Melbourne skyline. A visitor is reflected on a glass panel looking over the city.


A couple take a fishing break under one of the bridges along the Yarra River, Melbourne.


Tram line system connecting Melbourne’s habour to the city. It runs a distance of 9km, which we decided to walk in the morning.

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