From Dunedin to Wellington and into the past..I’m in New Zeland


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Hello mom dad and all.

I am sure by now you are all enjoying the deep soulful sounds of the African bush.

We have been very busy the last few days.

Yesterday we went to the port of Dunedin for a train rode through the NZ “bush”. It was like being transported to the rocky lands of the Lord of the Rings. I can see why they decided to make the movie set here. It’s got a quaint Hilton midlands landscape feel with the sea on its doorstep. Very nice and plenty of photos taken.  The weather was mostly grummy and rainy.

Our next port was at Akaroa another quaint place. We were supposed to have a day out kayaking along the coastline but the company screwed up the booking.  This however, actually worked in our favour, we instead went for a boat tour around the bay and saw dolphins,  penguin,  sea lions,  and some more dramatic landscape scenery! It was a fantastic warm day out after we had begun to think NZ was permanently rain and cloud.

As soon as we hit the main sea line I began to feel the effects of sea sickness, so I missed a good majority of the coastline from the back of the small boat. Things had been going so well up until then.

It’s hard to think that tonight is New Years Eve and we’re expecting a HUGE supper of lobster, rib eye and lamb, so our waiter Enrique says. So try beat an all-you-can eat lobster dinner?  Hopefully by the time I send this message it will not be new years for all of you,  were 11 hours Ahead remember!

Were in Wellington for new years but the weather is pretty miserable so don’t think we’ll be doing much.

The whole town has free Wi-Fi, which is pretty cool, so we’re going to go mad with the emails!

So bye for now!

IMG_8498 IMG_8411 IMG_8368 IMG_8352IMG_8202











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