Photographing the geysers (p: gay-sers) of Tauranga and beyond


Do you like the stuff you see? Are you interested in purchasing a print?  I want to hear about it!

I have raved about the fantastic scenery on offer in New Zealand and Tauranga added to this reception. Offering a unique chance to see a whole town that has been built on top of natural thermal geysers.  I went mad photographing these natural wonders and was in my element photographing a scene that is completely different from the South African landscape.

Omokoroa Thermal Holiday Park is a major attraction in the area and I can see why.

At the park is also a Maori Cultural village where we were able to see native Maoris perform their traditional dances as well as the  infamous Hakka. Usually I laugh off these cultural experiences because they are so touristy. But after this I will never laugh at someone who wants to go see a traditional Zulu dance.  It really gives you an insight into a foreign culture.

It was also a good chance to test my camera out in low light and I was quite happy with the results.

We also made our way to the world’s first luge race track.  Everyone had fun going down the hill and some even managed to squeeze in a couple of turns. I wish we could have spent an entire day doing it. It was really fun.

I know I did have not mentioned our day out in Wellington, so to put it simply…don’t go. We had a bad experience with an un-talkative tour guide, who had nothing to say about the city except that he lived there. Nothing was open since it was New Years Day and the wind was horrifically unpleasant.  Wellington’s one and only saving grace was the Tu Papa Museum, The museum has a broad array of artifacts  interactive displays from Maori culture to modern colonial cabinets of curiosity to wildlife diorama’s with an unforgettable giant squid tank.IMG_0288

IMG_0192 IMG_9715 IMG_9807 IMG_9847 IMG_9881 IMG_9911 IMG_9955 IMG_9993

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