Beach photography with a difference. Jay Caboz hits the Island of Waikiki, New Zealand


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Our second day in Auckland, New Zealand out was spent on the beautiful island of Waikiki. Yes pristine beaches, vineyards and great weather meant the overall experience was unforgettable.

The day was so nice we ended up spending it on the beach instead of our intended plan of wine tasting.  Added to this was the fact that of the three places we tried to do some tasting, two of them were “full” and could not organise spaces for us, even though there was no one there!  We were very upset about this. So rather than fight with the winery’s we just hit the surf.

When we got back we managed to go up the Sky City Tower for sunset, which coincidentally was the same hotel we were staying at. The day ended with us all going to bed at 10 just after the  sun had set, exhausted.

IMG_0888 IMG_1103 IMG_1148 IMG_1199 IMG_0880_1 IMG_0965_1 IMG_0970 IMG_1055 IMG_1096_1


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