Easter Koppie – Johannesburg


I remember coming here when I was a kid over the Easter weekend. We used to watch the sunrise on the Sunday have would have a service before hunting for some eggs.  The Koppie is located in Randpark near the Lifestyle Nursery and has a large cross at its summit.  It over looks Johannesburg from the West, and has views of Northcliff Hill, the city, Randburg and Johannesburg North.

We went there a week or two ago to celebrate a friends birthday while watching the sunset, and since it’s Easter, thought it was a good time to put the photos up online.


Jay’s final days in the land of the Dingo and the Blue Moutains Sydney Australia

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It’s now our third day back in Sydney and we’re all getting ready for our 11 hour trip back home.

It’s been a long holiday and everyone seems excited to come back and get started with the 2013 year.

For the moment we’re just trying to sort out some major over-weight luggage issues. When we left we had four bags over the 23kg limit. Now that we are on our way back, I dread to think how much we all weigh in at the airport. I am pretty convinced that the luggage weight system at airports is corrupt. We had had several discrepancies about it.

IMG_2041Quantas Airlines do this weird thing where they weigh each bag instead of doing it in groups. This caught us off guard as were used to weighting everything together. This of course is the largest money making scheme in airline history. Each bag must weight under 23 kg and there is no leverage, so it you are 0.3 kg over you had best start shifting shirts around to different bags. They will make you pay.

Caryn and I were having a good laugh when this happened, we of course packed light as instructed with our bags weighing in at a comfortable 18kg and 20 kg initially. If they had weighed all the luggage together then we would have been able to give people 8 extra kg to work with.

Anyway So we’re all trying to shuffle luggage around to fit in the weight but it looks like we’re going to buy an extra bag to fit the extra.

Our couple of days in Aus have been much better than the first. Caryn and I slept like crazy on day 1. The two hour gap meant we had woken up at 4am to get to Sydney, initially. Sigh and just when we had started to get acclimatised to the jet-lag.

IMG_1825Day 2 we went on a bus trip through the blue mountains. Aus’ famous blue gum forest. The day was particularly interesting considering that the country was on high alert with the largest fire warning conditions in history. It was the 5th hottest day in recorded history here 39.9 Degrees Celsius and even the wind was a blazing heat. But it was luckily cooler in the mountains.

They are called the blue mountains because the gums let off a steam that makes the atmosphere look blue in the distance. And yes you can see it.

On the way back we hit a zoo to see all the marsupial animals. Kangaroo dingo etc. That was pretty cool and I even got to touch a koala.

Today being our last day is going to be spent finding some presents for everyone. It’s going to be tough but I’m going to try find some nice fun stuff for everyone especially on our budget.

To end we are expecting to arrive around 4pm on Thursday. We might be a bit exhausted but will see! I am looking forward to travelling back in time, I wonder if we went fast enough whether we would end up creating a wormhole and transporting back to the 1970s…radical dude.

Jay and cIMG_1497 IMG_1674 IMG_1755 IMG_2177 IMG_1601 IMG_1654 IMG_1800 IMG_1864 IMG_1904 IMG_1928 IMG_2187 IMG_2198 IMG_2213 IMG_2255

New Wits Lecturer in Harrassment Allegations

99_Front Page

Coming Forward: Several former students, including the woman pictured, have come forward to accuse Media Studies lecturer Dr Last Moyo of inappropriate sexual behaviour, something he denies. The allegations come on the heels of media reports that a senior drama lecturer, Tsepo wa Mamatu, has also had allegations of rape and sexual harassment against him and has been put on special leave. Photo: Jay Caboz



The black sand beaches of Piha, a #photographer dream.

The lonely surfer

The lonely surfer

Do you like the stuff you see? Are you interested in purchasing a print?  I want to hear about it!

The following day I was really excited. My friend Tony had managed to come up to Auckland for the weekend and Caryn and I spent the day with him.

He gave us a great insight into the world from a NZ perspective and he explained all the benefits of living in country. He introduced us to j & p a lemonade drink that was really nice and took us to a black sand beach Piha that was picturesque.

He is the regional development director of the whole the country’s south island hockey and is loving it. He is also in the NZ squad playing as a goal keeper. We might end up seeing him in a black cap soon.

He also showed us one or two of the Astros in the city and drove us around for the day to other beaches and sights.

Also had a great chill out on the harbour with one or two sun downers and a gamble with the free coupons we were given at our hotel.

That ended with us grabbing one final coffee before saying goodbye late into the night. They have these awesome butterscotch lattes that I tried out.  At the moment we’re making an early morning move to the airport for our final leg of the holiday …Sydney (Again)!  I can’t wait for the exorbitant food prices.

Thanks and email soon

Jay and c

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