The black sand beaches of Piha, a #photographer dream.

The lonely surfer

The lonely surfer

Do you like the stuff you see? Are you interested in purchasing a print?  I want to hear about it!

The following day I was really excited. My friend Tony had managed to come up to Auckland for the weekend and Caryn and I spent the day with him.

He gave us a great insight into the world from a NZ perspective and he explained all the benefits of living in country. He introduced us to j & p a lemonade drink that was really nice and took us to a black sand beach Piha that was picturesque.

He is the regional development director of the whole the country’s south island hockey and is loving it. He is also in the NZ squad playing as a goal keeper. We might end up seeing him in a black cap soon.

He also showed us one or two of the Astros in the city and drove us around for the day to other beaches and sights.

Also had a great chill out on the harbour with one or two sun downers and a gamble with the free coupons we were given at our hotel.

That ended with us grabbing one final coffee before saying goodbye late into the night. They have these awesome butterscotch lattes that I tried out.  At the moment we’re making an early morning move to the airport for our final leg of the holiday …Sydney (Again)!  I can’t wait for the exorbitant food prices.

Thanks and email soon

Jay and c

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