Sandton City – A mix of rural rawness and modern architecture

From rags to riches, Sandton is home to South Africa’s economical hub (Sandton City) and also one of the country’s largest townships, Alexandra. Typically it’s an African city where socio-economical differences are contrasted right next door to each other. On the one hand hand you have rural grasslands and the other is the smooth contours of the cities modern architecture.

Sandton Over Alex (1 of 28)

A few kilometers outside of Sandton’s CBD the landscape remains raw and wild.

untitled shoot-106

Morning sunlight catches the top of a building on Sandton’s Maude Street, in the heart of the business district .

untitled shoot-107

A crane is reflected on the glass windows in Sandton.

Sandton Over Alex (16 of 28)

A panorama overlooking Alexandra and Sandton city (in the far distance). I am always reminded of the vast economical difference South Africa has when driving past this location. We have the poorest of the poor living right on the doorsteps of one of the richest sectors in the country.


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