Flick-flacks in Sandton, Johannesburg Mark Tathum performs for his porfolio


A quick morning portrait shoot with studying performance dancer Mark Tathum. There is nothing like a winter sky in the city, we got some great snaps for his portfolio. I also got to test my new Hahnel wireless remote, which has been performing well.

When Mark gave me a call asking for some photos for his professional portfolio I thought to myself ‘Hey any excuse for a photograph, right’.

So we trundled off to Sandton City, arguably Johannesburg’s richest shopping centre,  for a quick one hour Sunday morning shoot…and I got him to do some flick-flicks.

And while we were at it, I got to test my new Hahnel wireless remote.For anyone thinking about doing some strobe/speed-light photography its a good investment. Its far more flexible than lugging around lighting equipment and a battery pack.

The last time I bought a wireless it cost me half that. I should not have been surprised when it died on me a few months later. So this time, setting me back a hefty R2800, I went for a medium range buy.For Mark’s shoot I decided to use it to fill in his features, mainly because I am doing more portraits and I need something I can rely on low light conditions.

The Hanel has proven to be quite flexible. It has a decent range, from what I tested, and if you have nothing blocking the signal. At times it seems like the system gets overloaded and you need to reset the remote. Also if you are planning on using it as a main source of light make sure you are using a diffusser of some kind, the ETTL over compensates quite a bit and can blow your figures out and throw in some heavy background shadows. I am not really much of a fan using this mode, I rather use manual and go for a setting of 1/32 or faster, I just to add some punch and bring him out.


The Hahnel also comes with a high speed wireless function, and a rear end flash, but I haven’t had a chance to test this just yet. The advantage of an off camera flash is that you can control the direction and distance of light from the subject.



Mark’s always keen to try something fun, so we ran outside and I got him to do some flips to set some atmosphere, which was when we got this gem here.

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