Country Mouse, City Mouse – Sandton sunset photo

While Floris van Breugel, blog master of Art in Nature, is out camping and photographing fireflies. I was shooting the Sandton City skyline. Sometimes I get jealous of the places he visits, but not on this night.


I was on top of The Venue for the unveiling of the July issue of Forbes Africa Magazine cover. The restaurant is situated on the 20th floor offering a high-rise view of Sandton, Johannesburg.

What a great opportunity to capture Sandton’s artificial fireflies. Plus I got to meet billionaire Mohammed Dewji.

Above you can see an example of the individual images I was shooting. Click them for larger versions. When you see them in line like this you can usually tell if a panoramic is going to work. Single frame images usually stand out when I look at them like this, and as you can see placing single frames together creates a very dynamic image.


The photo unedited, after the photomerge. Now to make things pop.


The final product. I wanted to bring the red of the sunset out more as well as the lights from the city. See if you can see the difference.

Publications in June Forbes Africa Magazine

Publication grabs from the June edition of Forbes Africa Magazine. You might shoot hundreds of photos for these events, but in the end only a few can be chosen. Fortunately the one’s taken when we were at the Marikana strike is going to go into Forbes Lifestyle as a photo essay, there was so much more to this story than three photos and a few hundred words.
Go out and get the Forbes Africa Magazine June edition to read the articles.


Photographs from the latest strike at Marikana, a platinum mine shaft. Last year, 34 miners were killed after police opened fire on the charging crowd. The story made headlines worldwide. There is a lingering anger among the miners a year later.


Photographs by Jay Caboz

040-041_Wind Turbines.indd

The South African government has finally begun to implement renewable energy programmes in the country. One of the largest sectors in round 1 is wind eneregy. I met up with some pioneers in the field Luke Callcott-Stevens and Gavin James to find out how they managed to build a R2.5 billion ($278 million) wind farm. Secretly I am hoping they will invite me to the farm to cover the installation of the turbines later this year.

062-063_World of cruises.indd

The international cruise industry is one of the largest earners within the travel sector. But how does is it function along the African costs? There are many unique challenges facing the industry along the continents seas.


Hoedspruit, South Africa

More on the drive photos, this time shot on route to an article I was doing on Anti- rhino poachers, in Hoedspruit.


It was about 10am, on route to Hoedspruit. The roads got quite bad, lots of potholes. The area has a definite country feel to it. The colour in the mountain range and on the road reminded me vividly of a Pierneef painting.


Abandoned Spaza shop.


A watering hole on one of the private game reserves I visited during my article, in Hoedspruit, South Africa


Where ever you go, there is always a football pitch. This was shot on the final day on my trip, we stopped off in a rural community that borders the game fences for some slop chips.