Country Mouse, City Mouse – Sandton sunset photo

While Floris van Breugel, blog master of Art in Nature, is out camping and photographing fireflies. I was shooting the Sandton City skyline. Sometimes I get jealous of the places he visits, but not on this night.


I was on top of The Venue for the unveiling of the July issue of Forbes Africa Magazine cover. The restaurant is situated on the 20th floor offering a high-rise view of Sandton, Johannesburg.

What a great opportunity to capture Sandton’s artificial fireflies. Plus I got to meet billionaire Mohammed Dewji.

Above you can see an example of the individual images I was shooting. Click them for larger versions. When you see them in line like this you can usually tell if a panoramic is going to work. Single frame images usually stand out when I look at them like this, and as you can see placing single frames together creates a very dynamic image.


The photo unedited, after the photomerge. Now to make things pop.


The final product. I wanted to bring the red of the sunset out more as well as the lights from the city. See if you can see the difference.


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