Forbes Africa October Publications

So our new magazine is out, and I have a huge six page spread on fracking featuring in Forbes. You can see some of the articles online on CNBC  Africa’s website.  Te real deal is in the mag though so go out and get a copy. But here is a sneak peak:

It’s covered in the branches of hundreds of thousands of dust weary bone-dry four-inch high scrub. This is the Karoo, southern South Africa’s desert, which has changed little in millions of years. A desert that creaks to its own song carried on the wind through rusted windmills and crags of prehistoric rock.

To some it’s just a desert. But the South African Government has targeted a valuable resource below its surface, shale gas that could be worth R1 trillion in the next 30 years. But to farmers living in on this land, the Karoo is a livelihood. This is the battle opposing fracking and these are the voices of those standing in its way.

Fracking.indd Fracking.indd Fracking.indd Fracking.indd Fracking.indd Fracking.indd

Had some photos in some other articles as well.

024-025_Strike.indd 024-025_Strike.indd 056-058_Sam Motsuenyane.indd 060-061_Brand Pretorius.indd


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