Strike Action in Newtown, Johannesburg

It’s always nice to get out in the sun and take some shots of strikes.

This time the EFF party was protesting against E-tolls in Johannesburg. We were expecting a couple of thousand people, but in the end there was only a couple of hundred.


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Hunting the Hunters, South African Anti-Rhino Poachers- Photo Essay

Forbes Life – Photo Essay published in October, FORBES LIFE

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The foot soldiers in the war against rhino poaching risk their lives every night. Preventing poachers from wiping the rhino off the face of Africa is a job for unsung heroes. Often, all they have are blisters to show for it.

They face questions from loved ones over the risky lives they lead. Last year a lion dragged a sleeping anti-poaching officer from his bed under the stars and killed him.

It costs R20,000 ($1,900) a month for one unit, working as a two man team.

They have to be quick. All it takes for a poacher to kill a rhino is an hour. In five hours, the horn can be over the border and on a plane. Anti-poaching officers are on high alert 24/7. All have military training. This is a taste of their hard lives, as private money is introduced to the brutal game to save the rhino.

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