A landscape #photo holiday in #CapeTown part 1

It is known as one of the Worlds destination holiday spots and I was lucky to spend 8 days along its coastline. Cape Town, South Africa, is synonymous with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and offers stunning photographic opportunities for the sunrise and sunset lover.

This is a must see destination if you plan to visit South Africa. With sunlight from 5am to 9pm you are guarenteed to find a good spot to read a book. If you, like me, spend your free time thinking about the perfect landscape photo this has to be on your bucket list.

Just don’t plan on swimming, unless you like freezing cold water. Get too close to the rocks and you will know what I am talking about. The chances of you slipping along the seaweed is incredibly high.

I strongly suggest you bring along a sturdy tripod, lens cleaner and a remote trigger.

Cape Town

Corner of Sea Point. Shot with my 50mm at 1/8000 and f1,6. I wanted to freeze the wave to capture its reflection in the water.

Cape Town

Also shot with my 50mm at 1/8000 and f1,6 at about 9am. Surprisingly the light was soft enough to shoot. From 11am to 3pm I would advise you kick back and enjoy the beach the light is too hard.

Cape Town

Sunset shot at 1/6000 at f1.4 with the 50mm

Cape Town

What I had been waiting for: a shot over Bantry Bay, one of the richest bays along the Cape Coast, with the sunset. 1/8000 at f1,4 with my 50mm.

Cape Town

With tripod set up and the sun setting it was time to play. 50mm with 5 sec delay at f22 to capture the water movement in motion. This was one of about 20 shots, I was looking for an image that would capture the white smokey effect from the water but still would leave detail in the pool below

Cape Town

The seaweed and mussels along the rocks really punched with colour. Add in the reds of the cloud this was a great moment. Shot 10s F22 with the 50mm

Cape Town

What stood out here was the purple reflection in the water. The silhouetted rocks break the minimalist scene, jut enough to make it interesting for me. Shot 2 sec f22

Cape Town

This was a much longer time exposure, 30 sec at f22.

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