Portrait – Alpesh Patel, Mi-Group

Portrait – Alpesh Patel, Mi-Group

Alpesh Patel was born in the Ugandan bush, had lunch with John Wayne and became a millionaire at 23. In between, he was kicked out his country with only a $100 and a pillow. Now he is the mobile entrepreneur behind Mi-Group.

Alpesh founded Mi-Fone in 2008, after leaving Motorola where he was their Director of Sales in Africa where he placed more than 5 million devices into the continent. Whilst there, he realized that the big brands were missing the point and that ultimately Africa was best served by Africans themselves.

Photography – Jay Caboz
Location – Sandton, South Africa with Alpesh Patel
Publication – see the articles here Forbes Africa Magazine March Issue


2 thoughts on “Portrait – Alpesh Patel, Mi-Group

  1. jaycaboz says:

    Alpesh Patel: A millionaire at 23, but lost it all – CNBC Africahttp://www.cnbcafrica.com/news/special-report/2015/04/21/alpesh-patel-a-millionaire-at-23-but-lost-it-all/

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