Portrait – Luke Callcott-Stevens and Gavin James, Rainmaker Energy Projects

Portrait – Luke Callcott-Stevens and Gavin James, Rainmaker Energy Projects 

(2013) For the owners of Rainmaker Energy Projects it’s hard to imagine what 40 towering wind turbines will look like, Luke Callcott-Stevens and Gavin James are spending R2.5 billion ($274 million) to find out.

Many scoffed when 28 renewable energy tenders were put out by the South African government.  In 12 months’ time, the programme  breathed new life into an energy starved country that faces tough times.

In just 18 months a few modest farms on the plains of the Eastern Cape, South Africa were transformed into the third largest wind farm in sub-Saharan Africa.  The Dorper Wind Farm will produces 100 megawatts (MW) of energy a year.

“You build a wind farm in 18 months…after four or five years of hard work,” says Callcott-Stevens.

Photography – Jay Caboz

Location – Juta Street, Johannesburg South Africa

I dove into the archives for this photo. It was one of the first stories I did for Forbes Africa in 2013. At the time the Eskom’s Renewable Energy Project (REIPPP) was just a flower blooming, renweable energy was the South African wild west. Now it is one of the few good stories to tell when it comes to South Africa’s power producer.

Because their wind farm hadn’t been built yet, we went conceptual on the shot and I asked them to include the small model wind turbines.

Publication – Forbes Africa Magazine



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