The Tablets Curing Rural Education – #photograph #article in #Forbes Africa May

In a rural school that has seen better days, seven-year-olds are now learning on innovative tablets. This is the $6-million brainchild of Mark Bennett who wants Zambia to embrace education-based technology at a grassroots level.

I was very fortunate to visit one of the schools where they are using the tablets in Zambia. Amazing to see in a place with no electricity children working on these things.

More of the story in Forbes Africa May 2014 edition. You can also see it featured in the top images of the month.

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Back to work on Monday

For those who are wondering, I have been hard at work on some personal projects and doing some corporate shoots.

I read this great quote yesterday that i thought I would share:

A photographer takes what he sees, a photo documentor tells what he sees and an artist makes you see what you didn’t see before. 

What do you think the differences between a photojournalist, a photographer and an artist is?

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All in a days work – photoshoot

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